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How do I prepare my laundry?

No need to sort your laundry, we'll take care of that! Simply place your laundry in standard 13-gallon trash bags (please no force flex bags) Leave bags outside your door by 8am to ensure pick up. (Bags MUST close fully to avoid additional charges.)

What laundry products do you use?

We provide our Signature Natural Laundry Products with all orders. We're happy to offer non-toxic products that are effective and safe for all skin types. Our laundry soap is available in the following scents.

  • Lavender

  • Frankincense/Peppermint

  • Lemongrass/Eucalyptus

  • Orange/Lemon

  • Scent-Free

Do you wash my clothes with other customers'?

We process each order separately from start to finish. Your items are never mixed with any other clients' laundry.

What areas of Houston do you service?

Click here for our service area. Outside our delivery area? You're welcome to drop off to us Mon-Thurs 11a-4p! Appointment required. (Click here to schedule.)

How do I cancel my scheduled pick up?

To cancel your upcoming pick up, scroll to the bottom of your service email and click "Change/Cancel Appointment". Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to service. $20 fee applies for late cancellations and missed pick ups.

Can I purchase your laundry products?

Absolutely! Shop in-store with us Monday-Friday 11am-6pm or order here to have your items shipped right to your door!

Additional Questions?

Call us at 702-981-4050 or email us!

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